Our Story

   Odd Dukk creates high-end formal streetwear that make a statement, clothing that tells a story to help the wearer tell theirs.

   Founded in 2022 by media creator Timo Bach, the brand combines an ethos for sustainable production, American manufacturing, art, and story telling to create beautifully designed, one of a kind art you can wear.
We're doing 4 things different:
  1. Clothing that tells a story - We don't want you to buy our jeans because they look cool but because they have a story that means something to you, so when people mention how cool your pants look they jump start a conversation about something that matters in your life.
  2. Sustainably produced - All our designs are printed on either upcycled clothing or new garments that are manufactured to order - and built to last!
  3. Made in the USA - From our manufacturing equipment to the inks and chemicals used for printing, everything is made in America - specifically Chicagoland
  4. Wearable pieces that stand out - We live in a casual age but believe casual doesn't have to mean basic. Our mission is to create unique wearable pieces that don't just hang in your closet for that yearly special occasion but can be styled for any occasion. 
   Odd Dukk is a brand for innovators; expressive, collaborative leaders who don’t mind standing out.

   Be creative, be yourself, be an Odd Dukk.